If you are looking for a partner in water treatment, you must surely have discovered that the industry consists of a number of specialist in different areas: potable water, process water, soil water and waste water. The areas are many and so are the experts. At Varim, we can help you find what you are looking for.

Varim is a trade organization that has been assembling consultants, contractors and product suppliers together in Swedish water purification since 1967. Through us, you can meet most of the companies in the industry, and certainly the foremost among them.

If you decide to work with a member of Varim, the company you engage will work and supply according to serious guidelines that also encompass a distinct technical and financial guarantee for you as a client.

To get the best possible solution, we see to it that we encourage training among our members. For them, Varim is a meeting place where they can discuss problems and possibilities besides promoting questions relevant to the industry. Together with other interested parties such as Föreningen Vatten and SWWA, The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association, we organise the large exhibitions dealing with water and sewage that frequently take place in Sweden.

As a trade organisation, Varim is also a body to which the State, the municipalities and many industries refer proposals for consideration.

Would you like to know more about Varim and what we can do for you? Call +46 8 782 08 50 or send a E-mail to: varim@tebab.com.